We develop effective and elegant solutions
for bypassing adware blockers.

What is our job?

Adblockers are crude way to protect internet users from unwanted hits, which are familiar for everyone.

But not many people realize that this approach deprives your favorite income resources and puts their existence in jeopardy.

In many cases, adblockers only "protect" users from relevant information that could be useful and interesting to them.

By our work, we want to help site owners save their advertising revenue and restore the delicate balance between profit and convenience in a constant struggle.


At what do we direct our efforts?

We develop and automate the process

In contrast to services, that require constant participation from the user, AdRam is a fully automated system.
Once you have set up the necessary security settings, you do not have to worry, that something will go wrong without your control.

We regularly work on improving the quality of our service. We follow for the development of adblockers and find new ways to circumvent them.

We increase the worth of advertising

We believe that the best advertising is the one that the user wants to see. According to statistics, 49% of users of sites use blockers because advertisements does not meet their interests. Visitors does not feel the benefits of advertising and care on the part of content owners.

With the help of AdRam, site owners can set up ways to display advertisement. They are in line with the interests of the audience and improve their experience.

We care about clients

Being able to do something on your own is nice. It is especially pleasant, if you have free time and desire, but the main concern of business owners is to increase revenue, fill the site with good content and develop new services. Fiddling with blockers is not their hobby.

AdRam takes care of the protection and its users can focus on the development of their projects and do not spend the energy and time to fight with the adblockers.


AdRam designed to be compatible
with different types of popular browsers and standards.

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer
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